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"Look, beautiful!" the Venetians exclaimed ecstatically when they first encountered its beauty…

hence the name, Mirabello (‘look-beautiful’ in Italian).

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Beauty Of Place

Pediaditis apartments are, Beautiful, Clean,with Superb View For Relaxing Holidays

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Encounter a fascinating world of mythical gods and curiously compelling antiquities, enjoy the breathtaking clarity of the Aegean Sea, bask in the Greek sun as its turquoise waters lap against white sandy beaches, stroll around picturesque spots by the sea or up in the mountains, admire the unique whitewashed island architecture, surf in crystal clear waters and go on some spectacular excursions during the day – but don’t forget to save some energy for the nightlife!
'Filoxenia' ("friend to foreigners"), is an important point of pride for Greeks, and is something rooted in ancient times and in mythology. In the latter, Zeus was said to have disguised himself as a poor man, dressing himself in rags, so that he could visit the homes of Greeks and see how they treated strangers, revealing himself at a certain point as the god he really was, the point of the story being that it's a good idea to treat strangers/foreigners well, because they could turn out to be gods.
The scope of Greek habitation and rule has varied much through the ages, and, as a result, the history of Greece is similarly elastic in what it includes. Each era has its own related sphere of interest.

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